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Benefits for the Surgeon

  • No scheduled surgeries are "bumped" for other emergent surgeries. In a hospital setting, emergency surgeries and procedures that take longer than expected can delay scheduled surgeries.
  • Lesser delays than in a hospital setting. An outpatient setting can generally stay within a set schedule since the procedures are simpler and more routine.
  • Faster turn-around time in OR than in a hospital setting. Surgeons can fit more surgeries in their block time at CHSC.
  • Friendly staff with years of experience in the outpatient surgery setting.
  • Block time availability to better plan your week and surgery schedule.
  • Newer equipment to help you in your procedures.
  • Same day add-ons welcome!
  • Block time availability.

Benefits for the Scheduler

  • We provide a posting sheet that can be faxed to us for easy and errorless scheduling. We encourage copies of insurance cards to be sent along with the posting sheet. This is also a way for your office to keep track of the surgeries you've scheduled with us.
  • We have a direct scheduling fax: 304-523-0245.
  • We have a direct scheduling phone line and voice mail: 304-781-0676.
  • We provide a check list of all pre-admission testing results that need to be reported to us before the day of surgery.

If you find that Cabell Huntington Surgery Center is not meeting the above benefits for you or your patients, please let us know. It is our job to make sure you would rather bring your surgeries here than anywhere else.

Patient Compliments

  • Very courteous, explained everything and made me feel very secure.Very courteous, explained everything and made me feel very secure.
  • You did everything well. I will return to have my right eye surgery done in the near future. Thank you for caring.